What to Select Before Your Kitchen Remodel Begins

What to Select Before Your Kitchen Remodel Begins

Remodeling is always a time of excitement and also a little anxiety. We have found that the best way to reduce anxiety and help the process go smoothly is to have your plan set and all the important decisions made. This might seem difficult when you're excited to get going, but I promise you that having a wall torn out and then finding out you won't be able to receive your cabinets or flooring for 8 or more weeks is much more stressful than waiting to start until the plan is firmly in place! What exactly do you need to get and in what order? We break it down for you. 

 All necessary selections to make before you start remodeling your kitchen

1. A Contractor- As I have mentioned in the past, selecting your contractor, making a budget and an overall plan for the project should always be your first step. Having one point of contact for all coordination will take a lot of pressure off of your shoulders as a homeowner.  

2. Flooring- Select your flooring type. This is important prior to cabinets as it may impact the order in which items are installed. 

3. Appliances- We always have our clients pick and purchase their appliances right away in order to know the layout of the kitchen and the exact size when ordering cabinets. Keep in mind that the appliances should not be delivered or installed until much later in the project (most likely after the cabinets are installed, but check with your contractor).  

4. Sink- Know the size and style of your sink (drop in, under mount, farmhouse, etc.) to make sure you know what size and type of sink cabinet to purchase as well as it's impact on any plumbing changes.

5. Faucet- This is important because it needs to match your sink selection and may impact your plumbing plan. 

6. Cabinets- Lots of big decisions in the cabinet design and it's important to work with an experienced professional to avoid major issues and to make sure your measurements line up with all the other components of your kitchen. Cabinets can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months or more depending on your selection, so make sure you are timing it well with the project. 

7. Lighting- Decide if you're doing pendants over the island, can lights over the walkways and/or under cabinet lighting for more lighting on the countertops. Now that you know the layout of the cabinets you can purchase the correct size and type of lighting for the space. 

8. Countertops- In order to get an estimate for your countertops you will need to have picked and ordered your cabinets and be able to provide the cabinet layout. The actual tops will be measured after the cabinets are installed and can take 1-4 weeks to be installed after the measure. 

9. Backsplash- If you are going to have a backsplash it will need to be picked and purchased to be installed after the countertops are in place. 

10. Cabinet Hardware- Cabinet hardware can be purchased any time after you have your cabinets ordered but should be installed near the end of the project. The reason for this is that you do not want the people working in the kitchen to bump, hook onto, or scratch the hardware when they are working. 

11. Paint- Now that you have all of your most expensive and permanent selections for your kitchen you can put the final touch of fresh paint. Having this as the last step is the best way to avoid having to touch up unnecessarily and helps ensure your selection is enhancing the space.