Fabulous Fandeliers - Unique Ceiling Fan Chandeliers for Every Room In Your Home! 

Fabulous Fandeliers - Unique Ceiling Fan Chandeliers for Every Room In Your Home! 

The day I discovered fandeliers - which are a unique and beautiful combination of a ceiling fan and chandelier- I couldn’t believe it!

I asked myself, “Can such a thing really exist?” 

As a realtor and a designer I meet with a lot of clients and see a lot of homes.

The one thing that has stuck out to me recently is the trend of clients putting ceiling fans at the top of their "must-have" list.

I'm guessing this comes as the weather gets warmer and people are reminded of how much they like a breeze.

Especially as they go about their daily activities around the house- no one likes sweating while cooking

Or waking up in the middle of the night to change their PJs! 

After hearing this for the fourth or so time in a two week period it really got me thinking...

Fabulous Fandeliers - dressed up fan/light combinations for any room of the home

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How can give my clients the function of a fan while still maintaining a beautiful chandelier design?

As a designer I never choose ceiling fans for projects that I have 100% control over. 

I understand the function for clients, but I also love beautiful lighting and the average run-of-the-mill ceiling fan does not do it for me.

I decided there HAD to be a way to have both functionality and fabulousness in a ceiling fan so set out to see what I could find.

I have to admit... I was completely surprised with the variety I found! 

On my search I found some real beauties- There were options from traditional, contemporary, rustic, modern, industrial, and even, my personal favorite, glam! 

This, my friends, is the list of my absolute favorite "Fandeliers"- ceiling fans and chandeliers combined- that I have found so far! 

Modern Fandeliers

Clean and edgy fans with lighting hidden within the design.

Gotta love these modern light and fan combinations.

With such sleek designs, the options where these would look awesome are really endless. 

Contemporary Fandeliers

These contemporary fixtures have some of my favorite elements.

Classic shapes and designs, updated for todays home.

These will be the focal point of any room in the best way! 

Industrial Fandeliers

The industrial metals and finishes of these fixtures make them so cool and unique.

The style is clean while still having a hard edge that sets them apart as a design feature. 

Glam Crystal Fandeliers

I love these crystal chandelier fans - Give me all the glitz and glitter!

I adore crystals and these fixtures were everything I could have imagined for a fan/light combination... and more!

The fan blades are barely visible as the glamour shines through. 

Rustic Fandeliers

I can imagine these rustic fan lights indoors or out! 

The metal finishes and mixture with wood perfectly complement the current rustic design trends. 


I hope you are inspired by the unique ceiling fan chandeliers! There is something for everyone, from modern to rustic to crystal chandelier fans, so many to love!

Did you find a new favorite? I am always looking for other unique fan and lighting options.

If you have a favorite I should know about, please share it below or find us on Facebook or Instagram and let us know what's on your mind!