We want you to know: We are on your side. This may be your first time hiring a general contractor, and we want to be clear and open about what we can provide to you, and what we need from you, to bring your project to fruition.  We want to be your partner in this project and your go-to contractor for life. The best way to have a successful relationship is to have you, our client, be clear and direct about your needs, wants, and expectations. We need our clients to trust us for us to help them move forward with their projects.  Our goal is to help our clients make decisions that support their expressed goals. We want you to have the best possible finished result to create the space you desire.

TruBuild’s Expectations of Ourselves:

·      We will present a thorough and realistic estimate of the project cost before a contract is signed.

·      We will follow through on our agreed upon plan.

·      We will treat your home or business space as if it were our own.

·      We will offer suggestions as needed but always respect that you hold the final power and responsibility of decision-making.

·      We will communicate about necessary changes as they arise during a project and work together with you to solve them.

TruBuild’s Expectations of Clients:

·      You will be honest in your communication about your project decisions and your commitment to those decisions.

·      You will trust our knowledge and experience to allow us to do the job you hired us to do.

·      You will be understanding and have needed flexibility if unexpected problems arise, believing we are doing our best by you.

·      You will follow through on our contracts and payment agreements.

With clear communication, good expectations from the start, and honest and direct project contracts and timelines, we can set and meet appropriate expectations on both sides and complete projects to your satisfaction. We look forward to working with you!