We will have an initial meeting to discuss your project. After our meeting, our goal is to get you an accurate, inclusive estimate in a timely manner. Generally you will receive the estimate within a week. Depending on the size and complexity of the project it may sometimes take longer to complete the estimate. We encourage you to reach out to us if you have questions regarding the status of your estimate. All estimates will be sent to you via email. Please check your junk or spam email folder as it may sometimes end up there. 


Our estimates contain “allowances” in many of the categories. This is because there are wide price ranges for almost every fixture and finish. Putting allowances into these categories allows you to custom-select each item within that amount. If you spend less than an allowance in the agreed-upon estimate, the unused amount will not be charged in the final invoice. For instance, if you have an allowance of $100.00 for tile but only spend $50.00 on tile materials, then $50.00 will be subtracted from the final amount you pay. The opposite if also true, if you choose to spend more than the allowance, the additional amount will be sent to you as a change order and added to the final invoice. 

Contract for Services

If you select us as your general contractor a contract will be created based on the agreed-upon estimate that describes the price and payment schedule for your project. This contract will be sent to you to sign electronically via Docusign. Make sure to read the contract in its entirety and please ask any questions you may have. We will not begin work on the project until the contract is signed and we have received the initial payment per the payment schedule. Please note that a delay in signing the contract and getting it back to us may result in a delay in your project. Send it back to us quickly and we can start on your project as planned.

Change Orders

Prices shown in the estimate are based on what could be seen at time of our initial meeting. Any changes or additions to the scope of work after the contract is signed will be done with a “change order”. The change order will describe the change and show additional charges incurred. The cost from the change order will be added to your final invoice. In addition, part of the cost for the change order may have to be paid prior to ordering materials. We will send you all the necessary information at the time of the change order.

Billing and Invoices

Billing will be done in stages as laid out in the contract for services. Generally three payments are made for a project. An example would be: 30% paid before work is started, 30% paid after first inspection is passed, and 40% plus all change orders paid after final inspection. Payments are to be made immediately upon receipt of the invoice. Invoices are sent via email. Cash or check are accepted forms of payment.

Fixtures and Materials

We prefer to supply all fixtures and finishes used in your project. You have the power to select any items you like, but the general contractor must purchase it. This is because we have to know the quality of the item is up to our standards. If the homeowner chooses to supply their own materials or fixtures we cannot warranty them. For instance, if a client decides to buy a very cheap exterior door and within a year the door frame is warped due to weather changes and the door does not close as it should that is an issue with the material, not the installation. We would not be responsible to fix or adjust the door. We pride ourselves on allowing clients to have a completely custom home, and want to make sure you have quality materials that are going to last.