The Best Light Fixtures To Match Delta Champagne Bronze

The Best Light Fixtures To Match Delta Champagne Bronze

Searching for the best lights to match my Delta Champagne Bronze faucets and hardware for my recent home project became a tricky task.

If you have been following me for awhile, you may remember when I talked about my search for Coordinating Cabinet Hardware for a Delta Champagne Bronze Faucet.

It was quite the process finding the right pieces to match for my upcoming remodel project!

I had decided to incorporate black and champagne bronze into both a wet bar area and a bathroom and was trying to create a cohesive look.

The Best Light Fixtures To Match Delta Champagne Bronze - Champagne Bronze Lighting

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For design reasons I decided to keep all of the metal finishes for the faucet, hardware and lighting matching for this particular project.

Now, when designing your own space you can absolutely mix metals if you like the look. After all it is your home, so make it the way you want it!

For me, it made the most sense to start with the faucet, then I selected the cabinet pulls. I will admit, selecting the perfect hardware took some time.

After I finally found my favorite champagne bronze cabinet pulls, I realized it was time to find the perfect light fixtures to match the champagne bronze color and tie it all together!

Assuming you’re a visual person like I am, below I’ll show you my picks side-by-side so you can see how the champagne bronze color matches/blends well with the lighting and hardware selections I made for the home.

But before we get to that… have you ever wondered…

What Is Champagne Bronze?

As the name implies, champagne bronze is a blend of a bronze metal tone with a champagne metal tone.

I would describe a champagne bronze as similar to a gold with slightly more pink and brown tones in it rather than the yellows and oranges you might associate with a brass color.

Champagne bronze also has a lovely brushed finish, which helps to keep it looking soft and also mutes some of the harsh brassy tones that might otherwise come through.

I think champagne bronze is a great metal choice for your home because it can blend really well with many different finishes.

The color works perfectly in modern spaces and can easily be incorporated into homes that are working to blend traditional finishes with more contemporary styles.

It truly adds a beautiful warmth to any space whether it be a kitchen, bathroom, or bar area.

My Champagne Bronze Picks For The Wet Bar Pendant Light, Faucet, And Hardware:

I am definitely someone that has to see something to believe it.

Thats why I hope that seeing these examples side-by-side will help give you a clearer idea of what you can expect when looking for champagne bronze lighting to match your faucet and hardware.

For the wet bar area I selected a single pendant light in a geometric shape to match the modern design of this home.

Now I know what you’re thinking… from the pictures these fixtures might look like they wouldn’t match.

Don’t worry, I get it!

That’s exactly why I actually laid them out side-by-side in real life so you can see how well the colors actually do blend together.

Check it out…

Delta Champagne Bronze Faucet With Matching Lighting And Cabinet Pulls

As you can see the warm tones all work very well together.

I would go so far as to say that if someone didn’t know that a light fixture was not the exact same finish, they would absolutely not notice!

The match of the champagne bronze color to the antique brass finish of the light fixture and the champagne color of the cabinet pull is really very seamless.

My Champagne Bronze Picks For The Bathroom Vanity Light, Faucet, And Hardware:

When it came time to find a champagne bronze vanity light to match the faucet and cabinet hardware, I took a slightly different approach.

I decided to order a light that seemed a little more risky - color-wise at least!

Again, in these images the champagne bronze of the faucet seems far from a perfect match to the vanity light and cabinet pull.

Now when you look at them all together you get a slightly different picture.

matching champagne bronze faucet, cabinet pull and light fixture

You might notice that the vanity light i chose is actually a satin brass finish, which shows up a little bit brighter in color than the champagne bronze faucet and the cabinet pull.

There is a reason why I was okay with the variation.

That’s because although I am showing you these fixtures side-by-side to let you see how they can blend together, when they are actually in the space they wont be that close which will allows more flexibility for them to not be identical matches.

I am confident that when in the room, the slight variation that can be seen between the champagne bronze faucet and the vanity light will be so minimal I most likely won’t notice it at all.

In addition to the items above, to round out the space I also selected a matching champagne bronze towel ring and toilet paper holder. I felt that choosing the matching metal color for that hardware would really keep the space feeling cohesive.

Now that you have seen a few examples of how to find light fixtures to match champagne bronze faucets, here are just a few of my top picks for champagne bronze lighting:

Champagne Bronze Vanity Lighting And Sconces

Champagne Bronze Flush Mount And Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Lighting

Champagne Bronze Pendant and Chandelier Lighting

As I mentioned above, it is good to keep in mind that the finishes will not match exactly.

That said, the champagne bronze color can blend extremely well with satin brass, brushed gold, antique brass, and other similar finishes.

Here are a few examples of each of those finishes:

Remember, these items probably won’t be directly next to each other, and that will help to allow them to look similar enough that you may not even notice once they are installed.

If you’re concerned about the match, the best thing to do is to order the champagne bronze faucet and the light to put them side by side and compare for yourself.

Now I want to hear from you - Will your champagne bronze faucet be going into a kitchen, bathroom or somewhere else? What type of light fixture are you looking for?

Just like I showed you my examples above, if you find a great lighting match for your champagne bronze faucet, make sure to come back and share your find!