How to Get An Accurate Estimate for a Home Remodel Project

How to Get An Accurate Estimate for a Home Remodel Project

One thing all people have in common when requesting an estimate for a project is knowing they want something to be different.

The difference between people is that some know more clearly than others what exactly that will look like. 

Doing a little preparation before your initial meeting with a contractor can make the process smoother and the estimate much more accurate. 

how to get an accurate estimate
  • Know Your Budget

Know how much you are willing to spend on your project.

Express this to your contractor and discuss options for completing your project within your price range.

Sometimes the project can be broken down into pieces and completed as it fits into your budget, or certain items could be done differently to save money.

Talk about it openly with the contractor so they will know to present different options as needed. 

  • Express Expectations about Timeframe

Ask questions about when the contractor could start the work, how much preparation you will need to do before it can begin, and how long it usually takes for the work to be completed. 

It is important to know this information to have appropriate expectations for yourself and the contractor.

If you are wanting custom cabinets or specialty items that need to be ordered it can push the start date for the work back,even up to 12 weeks.  

  • Have a Vision for the End Product

We take pride in being able to allow our customers to custom design every aspect of their project.

For this reason the possibilities really are endless!

It helps immensely to have specific ideas to work from.

We suggest our customers print out pictures from the Internet or tear pictures out of magazines that represent their favorite styles.  

Giving these images to the contractor as a reference helps clarify your desired outcome and gives you the best chance of having your vision understood.

This also helps the estimate be more detailed. 

Having an idea of a style of cabinet, whether or not you want a backsplash, if you want a laminate or quartz countertop, etc. all helps the contractor be able to give you the most accurate pricing.

We don’t want a customer to get an overpriced bid and be discouraged or get a bid that doesn’t include a higher end finish and be frustrated when we have to add cost later on.

We strive to give the most accurate price possible upfront.

  • Prioritize Your Wants

List your top three must haves for your remodel.

Is it the perfect farmhouse sink?

Quartz countertops?

Super plush carpeting?

Know which items you absolutely want to have and make it clear they are a priority.

Without an unlimited budget there are times when compromises have to be made during a project, and knowing where you aren’t willing to compromise will help the contractor understand and give you a better end result.


Having a clear vision, knowing your priorities and communicating your budget and timeline expectations will help contractors be able to provide a thorough and accurate estimate for your project.

More questions about how to improve the outcome of your meetings with contractors and get your best estimate?

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