How to Easily Add Privacy to a Window

How to Easily Add Privacy to a Window

We are always looking for the simplest ways to solve problems.

When we were dealing with a small bathroom and trying to figure out the best way to layout the space, we knew we had to put the shower along the window.

Although it offers great light and ventilation, this is less than ideal from a privacy standpoint and we knew that whoever purchased the home would probably feel the same way. 


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Luckily, there are many amazing choices for privacy film!

It is super easy to apply and looks awesome, not to mention that it is very cost effective.

If you are wondering whether or not this could be the right option for you, and just how easy it really is to apply, then read below! 

What You Will Need: 

Step 1: Select The Right Privacy Film for You

There are many different styles of privacy film for you to select based on your preferred style.

They come in textures like art glass, basketweave, and frosted.

There are even different tints if you prefer gray over white! 

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Step 2: Prepare the Window

Window without privacy film applied
  • Make sure window is clean and free of debris

  • Spray window with soapy water or window cleaner so it is wet, do not wipe off


Step 3: Apply the Film

  • Peel the back off of the film and stick it to the wet window where you want it to be

Window with privacy film being applied
  • When you stick the film, there will be air bubbles trapped underneath

Window with air bubbles under privacy film

Step 4: Remove Bubbles

Remove air bubbles from privacy film
  • To remove the bubbles, use a squeegee or other straight edge, such as a credit card

  • Start at one end and push pull it firmly across the surface all the way to the opposite side, bubbles will be pushed out from underneath the film

Step 5: Cut off Excess

Cut off excess privacy film around edge of window
  • Use box cutter, razor blade, or one side of a sharp scissor to cut along the edge of the window and remove the excess film. 

Step 6: Wipe Off and Enjoy! 

Wipe off window with privacy film
  • Wipe off any excess cleaner left on the window or window ledge 

  • Stand back and enjoy your new privacy!  


Adding privacy film to a bathroom, deck, front door, or other glass where you need more coverage really is that simple! 

Did you give it a try??

If you have questions, concerns, ideas or want to share a favorite privacy film, we want to hear about it!