5 Reasons Why You Need To Buy Kraus Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

5 Reasons Why You Need To Buy Kraus Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

We love recommending Kraus farmhouse kitchen sinks to our clients. In fact, we have installed Kraus sinks in over 80% of all the remodels we have completed.

Our obsession with Kraus sinks started years ago when we were first purchasing homes to remodel and sell. After installing our first Kraus undermount kitchen sink, we couldn’t get enough. Now when we are work on our own home remodel projects, we always use Kraus sinks.

We started passing our love for these sinks onto our clients and we have had rave reviews from them as well.

Farmhouse, or apron front, kitchen sinks are a big trend for kitchens right now and it is easy to see why! They add a lot of style to a kitchen, the undermount design makes it easy to keep things clean while the apron helps to protect the front of the cabinetry.

We want you to experience all the great things about Kraus farmhouse kitchen sinks for yourself.

That is why we came up with the following 5 reasons why you need to buy a Kraus farmhouse sink for your own home:

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1. The Design of Kraus Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

Kraus has figured out how to create a sink that looks great and fits into so many different styles of kitchens.

The clean lines of their sinks gives them a timeless look and feel. These farmhouse sinks are definitely not just for rustic or cottage style kitchens, although they look great in them.

The farmhouse sinks also work well in transitional, contemporary, and modern spaces. The shapes can fit perfectly into a sleek and streamlined kitchen design.

Kraus farmhouse sinks come in a variety of sizes to match most any kitchen with standard size cabinets.

They even have single basin or double basin options depending on your preference.

The undermount design of their farmhouse sinks makes keeping your countertops clean much easier as there isn’t a lip to catch crumbs or other particles that can accumulate around the edge of your sink.

2. The Materials And Finishes of Kraus Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

You have so many options with Kraus sinks! They come in multiple material and finish options to fit your design aesthetic and needs.

Each material is unique, so let’s talk about them in more detail:

  • Fireclay

If you aren’t familiar with Fireclay, it is best described as a very strong form of ceramic material.

This awesome Kraus farmhouse kitchen sink has a very strong enamel layer to protect it from staining, cracking and scratches.

It is also heat resistant up to 300 degrees and is more hygienic as it is non-porous and easy to clean.

I personally love that this sink has a central drain which allows there to be two different options for the design of the front of the sink. You can choose the flat side or rounded side - it is like two sinks in one!

  • Stainless Steel

Kraus stainless steel farmhouse kitchen sinks are made from 16 gauge stainless that is 1.5mm thick.

This helps to create a durable sink that can hold up well to all the use and abuse kitchen sinks can get on a daily basis.

That means dent resistance, and a stainless material that won’t crack, chip or rust over time.

Stainless steel is also easy to clean and can withstand chemicals and acids from cooking or cleaning.

  • Composite

Granite quartz composite sinks are made from a grinding up natural stone and mixing with a type of resin that makes it very strong and durable.

This Kraus sink is extremely heat resistant - up to 650 degrees! Natural antibacterial protection in the composite helps keep the sink cleaner and helps to prevent the growth of anything yucky in your kitchen.

A bonus of the Kraus composite farmhouse kitchen sink is that it also comes in multiple colors to match your design - black, brown, charcoal and white!

There are two sizes of the composite farmhouse sinks available and they are also a workstation sink - but we will talk more about that below.

3. The Functionality of Kraus Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

If you have followed us for awhile you will know that our mantra is that when it comes to the kitchen, function is king.

Kraus kitchen sinks have some of the most important functional elements perfected!

The first being the depth of the sink. I love a deep sink! It makes cleaning dishes easier as you can fit large items like pots and pans inside easily. This also helps reduce splash so you don’t get soaked while trying to soak your dishes.

Just how deep are they? Kraus farmhouse kitchen sinks have a 9-10” depth standard.

That is deep enough to hold standard size 20 quart stock pots beneath the edge.

Another benefit is the sound buffering on Kraus farmhouse kitchen sinks. Many people get worried, especially with stainless steel sinks, that they will be loud.

Kraus handles this with their soundproofing to ensure you have the quietest experience possible when using your stainless steel sink.

Kraus fireclay and composite sinks are also excellent choices for those looking for a quiet sink.

The super fine fireclay material does the soundproofing all on it’s own to allow a nearly silent experience for the user.

Similarly, the composite material of their sinks absorb sound to keep noise to a minimum.

4. The Accessories of Kraus Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

In addition to all the great features already mentioned, Kraus farmhouse kitchen sinks also come with great accessories.

A heavy-duty stainless steel grid is my favorite accessory. If you aren’t familiar with these types of grids, take a look above at the images. They sit on the bottom of the sink with rubber coated feet to avoid scratching it. The feet serve the purpose of holding the grid off the bottom of the sink.

This means that even if you have dishes in there on top of the grid, the water can continue to drain. It also allows you to protect the bottom of the sink to keep it looking great for even longer.

Some of their sinks also come with the drains included to help make install a breeze.

One of the best things to come along recently in kitchen trends are workstation sinks.

If you aren’t familiar with workstation sinks, they are sinks that have a built-in ledge for numerous accessories and can add additional workspace, or serve dual purposes such as be a drying rack or strainer, while still allowing you to use your sink.

Kraus is on top of this trend in kitchen sinks by offering farmhouse workstation kitchen sinks in both stainless and composite options!

The composite option comes with a cutting board included, while the stainless steel version comes with a roll-up drying rack, a cutting board, a dish grid, strainer and a drain cover.

5. The Value of Kraus Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

If you care about getting the best value for your money like we do, we know you will appreciate the exceptional prices of the Kraus farmhouse kitchen sinks.

The quality of the material, along with the many added features, make a superior product to many other farmhouse sinks we have seen, and all for a great price.

Other well known brands of farmhouse sinks such as Kohler or Elkay sell similar products that can start at twice the cost.

In my opinion, Kraus has many of those sinks beat not only in price but also in the design and overall aesthetic appeal.


We have always been confident referring our clients to Kraus sinks and we feel confident encouraging you to use them as well. With numerous options for sizes, basins, materials and colors, there are a lot of great Kraus farmhouse sinks out there to match your kitchen design. We know you will appreciate the quality materials, craftsmanship, and value for your money that you get with Kraus farmhouse sinks.

What are you waiting for? We hope you will enjoy your new Kraus farmhouse kitchen sink!