Why a Workstation Sink Will Be The Best Thing in Your Kitchen

Why a Workstation Sink Will Be The Best Thing in Your Kitchen

We hear it all the time, but kitchens really are the heart of the home!

We love designing and remodeling kitchens for our clients because it is a space we know they will use and appreciate every. single. day.

A beautiful space that is designed to add functionality will not only bring the client happiness each day when they use it, it can also add a lot of value to the home, which means a happier bank account in the long run!

One our favorite kitchen trends for 2019 is not only great looking, it also adds functionality our favorite room in a completely unique way.

Workstation kitchen sinks are one of our favorite kitchen trends of 2019! Learn about the best features of workstation sinks and the benefits of adding one to your own home.

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Workstation sinks are a growing trend, and we are totally onboard! The benefits of adding additional workspace, along with useful accessories allows the sink to no longer just be a place for dirty dishes, It transforms it into a multi-functional space.

The common accessories included in many workstation sinks are: drying rack, colander, cutting board, and bottom grid. Each offering their own unique functions and benefits.

Many styles from undermount to drop in to apron front are available depending on the preferred style for the kitchen.

These are not your average kitchen sinks! There are benefits for cooking, cleaning, organizing, and more for your kitchen, wet bar, RV and more.

Let’s jump right in!

1. Workstation Sinks Offer Increased Workspace

Space is a valuable commodity. We all know the feeling of having cramped workspace, especially in the kitchen. The benefit of workstation sinks are that they each offer unique features depending what you need.

Some examples:

  • If counter space is limited, the cutting board accessory adds valuable room for you to work by turning your sink into more countertop!

  • A drying rack offers a space to put clean dishes without taking up room on your counter.

  • The bottom grid allows you to stack dirty dishes in the sink while still allowing water and other waste to drain easily.

Workstation sinks are perfect for the largest to the tiniest of kitchens. Not only are there great options for tiny homes and RVs with limited kitchen space, they can also be a great option for bar prep sinks. Anywhere you need to maximize space and functionality, these sinks will be a superb option!

2. Workstation Sinks Help Keep The Kitchen More Sanitary

Your kitchen sink has to handle a lot of tasks that are often not very sanitary. The beauty of a workstation sink is that it organizes your sink to help keep things separate and reduce the chances of cross contamination.

Can you imagine defrosting meat, washing fresh fruit and veggies, and cleaning up dirty dishes in the same sink, at the same time? It is possible using the varying accessories available in many workstation sinks.

Another note, if you have ever had guests over when you didn’t have enough time to finish the dishes, you know the feeling of embarrassment when they see your mess. Luckily, using the accessories, you have the option to potentially block that view of those dishes so instead of mess your guests will see an organized sink! Definitely an added benefit for those who may run short on time like we do.

3. Workstation Sinks Offer Easy and Functional Storage

Take a minute to think about how much space colanders, cutting boards, and drying racks currently take up in your kitchen. It can be a lot of square footage!

Replace a colander, drying rack, cutting board and more that are hogging space in your cabinets and on your countertops. Different workstations offer varying accessories with options for stacking and easy storage. BONUS: No need to worry about those accessories clogging up your cabinets since they can be kept in the sink to free up space!

4. Workstation Sinks Offer Easy Cleanup

Yes, that’s right! Washing, chopping, straining can all happen right over the sink. It keeps the countertops cleaner and makes for less mess to be cleaned up.

For marble or other countertop materials that can be easily etched by acids or stained by liquids, a workstation sink can be a lifesaver. Cut lemons, mix vinegars and/or other similar liquids on the cutting board over the sink to avoid damage to your stone.

In addition, simplify many people’s least favorite chore with a workstation sink! Avoid fighting with awkward sized cutting boards or colanders, you know the accessories will fit into the sink to be washed, because they are already in there. Many accessories are also dishwasher safe and can be thoroughly cleaned that way to make your life a little bit easier.

5. Workstation Sinks Offer Improved Safety

Beyond the benefits of keeping things more sanitary by avoiding cross contamination, there are other ways workstation sinks can improve safety in your kitchen.

Picking a sink with a colander accessory can simplify your pasta night! Avoid having to manage a freestanding colander or straining lid when pouring out the boiling water and reduce the likelihood of burns.

Add stability to your food preparation tasks by making sure the cutting board is firmly set inside the rim without room to move. The accessory on the sinks can help prevent your cutting board from slipping while you’re chopping!

6. Workstation Sinks Have Affordable Options in A Wide Variety of Styles

The popularity of workstation sinks means that they come in many different styles including drop in, undermount, and apron front designs. Options for single basin, double basin, and many other basin proportions (80/20, 60/40, etc.) can be found depending on the particular place they will be installed. They also come in a variety of materials such as stainless steel and fireclay!

Another benefit of the popularity of workstation sinks is that there are many affordable options starting at around $150 dollars and up. We have noticed, stainless steel sinks with less accessories tend to be the most affordable, although there are many options in all different price ranges depending on your preferences and budget.

Once you pick your perfect sink, don’t forget about the install!

If thinking about a new sink installation stresses you out, don’t worry - you can easily find vetted local pros and schedule a time for installation that is convenient for you. Click here to learn more!


Workstation sinks have many benefits for the modern family. Added safety, functionality, space saving features, and a wide variety of other useful functions! The availability of designs and styles make it possible for pretty much anyone to find an option that would look great and add beneficial resources to their space.

Are you considering a workstation sink for your own home or do you currently have one? What do you love about them? We want to hear from you!