The Best Under Cabinet Range Hoods For Your Kitchen

The Best Under Cabinet Range Hoods For Your Kitchen

Our list of the best ducted and ductless under cabinet range hoods to add style and function to your kitchen!

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What Are Under Cabinet Range Hoods?

Under cabinet range hoods are installed underneath an upper cabinet that is located directly above the range cooktop. When turned on they use a fan to create suction which helps to remove grease, smoke, steam and other particles that get into the air from cooking.

So, what happens to that air once it gets sucked in? One of two things, which is why under cabinet range hoods come as:

  • ducted (or vented)

  • ductless (or recirculating)

From the outside ducted and ductless under cabinet range hoods look the same, the difference is what happens behind the scenes.

A ducted under cabinet range hood is vented so when it is turned on, the air and particles it sucks in are blown to the outside of your home.

Ductless options on the other hand are not vented to the outside. Instead the air is put through a filter to help clean it and then recirculated into the room.

What’s great is that many models have the option to be either ducted or ductless, generally with some adjustments.

Converting a range hood can happen a few different ways. It might be a kit which needs to be purchased separately and installed. Sometimes it is as easy as switching around the interior of the fan.

It is important to check with the manufacturer if you plan to purchase a range hood that will need to be converted.

Under cabinet range hoods come in a variety of designs and finishes to fit any kitchen. You can choose from white, black, stainless steel, black stainless steel and more!

They also come in a variety of sizes.

In the USA, the size of a standard stove is 30” wide, which is why most under cabinet range hoods start at 30” as well. Depending on the size of the range, the range hood should go up in size to match. Generally, this can be anywhere from 30” up to 48”.

Before purchasing an under cabinet range hood you will want to verify the space available under the cabinet where it will be installed.

Benefits Of Ductless Under Cabinet Range Hoods

As mentioned above, ductless under cabinet range hoods suck in the air, run it through a filter to clean it and then recirculate it into a room.

The benefits of a ductless under cabinet range hood include:

  • More simple and less expensive to install - Often a good option for those with a more limited budget. Not having to install a vent to the outside also makes the installation much more simple.

  • A great option when venting isn’t possible - There are certain situations where venting isn’t possible because of the location of the range. It is also a good option for situations when it would be difficult for very costly to duct to the outside.

Benefits Of Ducted Under Cabinet Range Hoods

Ducted under cabinet range hoods are vented to the exterior of the home. This means that the particles in the air from cooking can be moved out of your kitchen to keep the air cleaner.

The benefits of a ducted under cabinet range hood include:

  • Very effective for types of cooking that creates a lot of smoke or grease - If someone likes to deep fry or cook with oils that cause a lot of grease and smoke, ducted range hoods are the most effective way to get it out of the air.

  • They are usually higher CFM - Higher CFM means that the fan is more powerful and can move more air, faster. This can help to prevent cooking particles from staying in the air and might mean having to use it for a shorter period of time.

Under Cabinet Range Hoods: $500 or less!

Get the most for your money! Based on thousands of reviews from real buyers - here are the best under cabinet range hoods for your kitchen that are less than $500.

These options are listed as ducted, ductless, or both if there is a convertible option.

They are all shown in stainless steel, but many of the items below come in other finish options as well!

Various sizes starting at 30” wide and going up in size from there may also be available.

Are you planning a kitchen remodel and trying to find the best range hood? Do you prefer a ducted or ductless range hood?

More questions about how to select the best under cabinet range hood? Drop us a line below - We want to hear from you!