The Best Alcove Soaking Tubs For Your Bathroom

The Best Alcove Soaking Tubs For Your Bathroom

If you want to turn your bathroom into a luxurious spa retreat then you need to know about alcove soaking tubs!

Adding a soaking tub to your bathroom is a great way to create a relaxing and functional space you will be excited to use.

Alcove style bathtubs are the most common style of tubs that we see in homes in our area. If you have one in your home right now, that means that you wouldn’t necessarily need to spend the money to reconfigure your layout to get the tub you’re dreaming about - you just need to change out the tub for a deeper soaking depth!

We have noticed many of our clients seeking bathroom remodels want to take the leap to an alcove soaking tub in order to make their home more usable as they age.

A deeper tub also allows more flexibility for families with children and pets that need more space than their current tub can offer.

The Best Alcove Soaking Tubs For Your Bathroom

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What Are Alcove Soaking Tubs?

Alcove tubs are connected to walls on three of their four sides. What differentiates a regular tub from a soaking tub is the depth and volume of water it can hold.

A standard alcove tub will have an average depth of 14-15 inches with a soaking depth of around 9 inches. Most adults could not have their body fully submerged in a standard size tub.

On the other hand, alcove soaking tubs can vary on their depth and size, but will generally have a depth of 19-20 inches with 14 or more inches of soaking depth.

Installing Surrounds With Alcove Soaking Tubs

If you have been researching tubs for awhile, you may have noticed from looking at different tub options that alcove soaking tubs come with a lip around the edge at the top, called the flange. The flange is what gets attached to the studs in the walls to secure the tub in place.

Here is a photo of what that the flange looks like:

After the tub is installed by being attached to the studs in the wall, your chosen style of surround would be installed. With an alcove soaking tub you can choose to tile down over the flange to seal the edge so water doesn’t get between the tub/shower and the wall, or you can buy alcove surround wall kits that will be installed over the edge of the flange and siliconed in place to keep the water from going where it isn’t supposed to go.

My Favorite Deep Alcove Soaking Tubs:

Safety Considerations For Alcove Soaking Tubs:

The very thing that we love about alcove soaking tubs, their depth, is also something that can create safety concerns for some people. Getting in and out of a soaking tub can be more difficult because of the height of the edge that needs to be stepped over. When the tub is slippery, it is even important to consider the safety of those who will be using the tub. That’s why adding grab bars is practical and offers an added sense of security for people of all ages.

When in use, the bottom of the tub may also be slippery, depending on the brand purchased and whether or not it has texture to it. If you find the tub is slippery, you may also want to consider adding non-slip stickers as an added layer of safety. The non-slip treads will be an easy and inexpensive way to ensure safer steps while enjoying your new tub.

Faucets For Alcove Soaking Tubs:

When you decide to get add an alcove soaking tub to your bathroon, don’t forget to check on the faucet location for your new tub. You will want to make sure the faucet you choose extends far enough from the wall to reach past the edge of the tub and that it is high enough in the wall to allow for the new taller height of your soaking tub. You’ll want to note if the measurements don’t line up and let your plumber know before install that the valve and faucet will have to be replaced/relocated.

Looking For A Plumber To Install Your New Alcove Soaking Tub?

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Now I want to hear from you - What made you decide to consider an alcove soaking tub? Share it with me in the comments below!