The Best Shallow Depth Vanities For Your Bathroom

The Best Shallow Depth Vanities For Your Bathroom

If you have a small or uniquely shaped bathroom, finding shallow depth vanities to fit your design can sometimes be a bit tricky!

Shallow or narrow depth bathroom vanities aren’t the norm these days as people continue to build larger and larger homes, yet there continues to be a need for practical options for smaller existing spaces.

When remodeling, we often work in older homes which can have an issue of limited space. That’s why finding practical and attractive solutions for shallow spaces is something we are practiced at doing.

The Best Shallow Depth Vanities For Your Bathroom

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What Is Considered A Shallow Depth Bathroom Vanity?

We commonly find that a standard depth for a bathroom vanity is between 21”-24”.

Generally when looking for a shallow depth vanity, we have significantly less space than that available!

Using that standard number, anything with less depth than 21” would be something we consider a “shallow depth bathroom vanity”.

How Shallow Does My Bathroom Vanity Need To Be?

The depth of your vanity obviously depends on the amount of space you have in your bathroom!

We have dealt with narrow walkways and even narrow doorways, both that often determine the amount of space available for your vanity.

To find the best size for you, start by measuring from the wall where the vanity will be installed to the wall directly across from it.

Then you will want to determine the best depth of vanity for your space.

International building code requires a walkway of at least 21” between the front of a vanity and say, a wall or tub.*

In our experience, that is pretty narrow space for walking and maneuvering - much less space than many people may feel comfortable with!

Typically, we would not recommend a walkway smaller than 2 feet, or 24”, in any bathroom. Ultimately though, that decision lies with you in deciding what the best fit is for your particular space that will be functional and also meet building code.

*Of course, the number of inches required may be different in your area, so make sure to double check your local building code before purchasing a vanity.

Things To Consider When Selecting Shallow Depth Vanities:

  • Storage Space In Shallow Depth Vanities

Generally when a bathroom has limited walkway space, it also is limited in other ways. The main issue that many of our client’s mention is lack of storage space.

Many people’s first thought in a small bathroom is a pedestal sink, which can be a useful option for some but doesn’t allow any place for storage.

Finding a shallow bathroom vanity that also has a cabinet for storage helps to allow there to be more function in a small bathroom.

It means a neater space and more room to store necessary items without having it look cluttered.

  • Types Of Faucets For Shallow Depth Vanities

It is important to consider that when there is limited space for a vanity, that also means there will be more limited space for the sink and faucet.

The type of faucet you select will depend on the vanity you choose. If purchasing a vanity with a top included, pay close attention to the holes drilled in the top.

You must purchase the right type of faucet to fit into those pre-drilled holes!

There are a few different options for types of bathroom vanity faucets:

1. Single Drilled Faucet Hole

Below are some of our favorite attractive and functional shallow depth vanities for your bathroom -

10” to 15” Deep Shallow Depth Bathroom Vanities:

These awesome shallow depth vanities are made for narrow spaces. You don’t have to settle for a pedestal sink, there are plenty of options with cabinets that allow you to have functional storage space as well. They even come in a variety of styles, widths, colors and finishes. Click the link or image to see other available options in each style.

39” Wide x 15” Deep Shallow Depth Bathroom Vanity

16” to 20” Deep Shallow Depth Bathroom Vanities:

If you want to maximize your narrow walkway, we have you covered with these awesome shallow depth bathroom vanities. Coming in a variety of colors, finishes, widths and some even have double sinks. To see more options in finishes, just click the link or image!


Can you believe the options available in shallow depth bathroom vanities? With just a few calculations, you can determine the best depth of vanity for your bathroom and begin shopping for your perfect fit. I hope you found something you love for your space and know it is possible to have both function storage space and an attractive vanity at the same time.

Now I want to hear from you - What makes finding the perfect narrow/shallow depth bathroom vanity hard for you? What other features do you look for in your perfect vanity?