The Most Beautiful Bathroom Medicine Cabinets With Mirrors

The Most Beautiful Bathroom Medicine Cabinets With Mirrors

If you have a small bathroom and are looking to make the most of an otherwise unused space, bathroom medicine cabinets acting as your mirrors might be a smart choice.

Admittedly, bathroom medicine cabinets, with or without mirrors, have rarely been at the top of my list when designing a space.

I think I had a preconceived idea of the old fashioned, bulky and unattractive medicine cabinets of the past.

As I have worked with many different families over the years and realized their needs - often to make the most of every inch of bathroom storage - I started to explore the idea of adding medicine cabinets as a necessary functional addition.

The more I explored, the more I was impressed with the wide variety of styles, many very beautiful and practical.

My eyes have now been opened to world of very beautiful medicine cabinets - which is why I am excited to share some of my favorite finds with you!

The Most Beautiful Bathroom Medicine Cabinets With Mirrors

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What Is A Medicine Cabinet?

A medicine cabinet is a cabinet that is generally attached to a bathroom wall and acts as storage for medicine and other necessary bathroom items. They come in a variety of styles, sizes, and configurations to fit the specific needs of the individual using it. The cabinet can be simple or decorative, mirrored or not mirrored.

Types Bathroom Medicine Cabinets With Mirrors

There are two major types of bathroom medicine cabinets with mirrors: recessed or wall mounted. This refers to the type of installation that you use for the mirror.

Recessed medicine cabinets are installed into a recessed space in the wall behind the mirror. Most often the storage compartment will fit in between two studs in the wall and the mirror will lay over the top of the wall and act as a type of cabinet door.

Wall mounted medicine cabinets are installed against the finished wall, much like a standard cabinet. They tend to have finished, decorative sides, as the entire cabinet is always visible.

Of course, there are many types of medicine cabinets that can be installed recessed or wall mounted, so you have flexibility to decide what is best for you!

The Benefits Of Bathroom Medicine Cabinets With Mirrors

There are definite benefits to including bathroom medicine cabinets with mirrors into your design.

The most obvious one that I have already alluded to is that it allows extra storage space for small bathrooms.

It creates a simple and convenient place to store items so that they are easily within reach while using the sink and countertop.

A mirrored medicine cabinet can also be a practical and cost-effective solution for those who will need to buy both a storage cabinet and a mirror - often the cost of the mirrored medicine cabinet is less than it would be to buy the two pieces separately.

Another benefit of a mirrored medicine cabinet is that it allows you to keep things hidden from view while also keeping you organized in one of the most used rooms of the house.

Recessed Bathroom Medicine Cabinets With Mirrors

Recessed medicine cabinets are installed into the space between two walls in order to have the face of the medicine cabinet be just in front of the wall it is mounted into. Usually the depth of a recessed medicine cabinet is around 4” deep, 3.5” of which are inside the wall, and the remainder makes up the front, exposed portion of the mirror. Often this type of mirrored medicine cabinet requires installation from a professional or very confident and knowledgable DIY-er. It requires knowing how to accurately locate studs, ensure there isn’t anything in the way of where the medicine cabinet will be installed, and of course, actually cutting into the wall.

The Benefits & When To Use Recessed Bathroom Medicine Cabinets With Mirrors

Recessed medicine cabinets are great to use because the way the mirror lays against the wall, it can truly act as a hidden storage option.

When you’re doing a total bathroom remodel, if you want to add a medicine cabinet for more storage, we recommend trying to install a recessed option first. When you have walls open it is easier to see where the medicine cabinet can be installed between studs in order to be centered over a sink. It is also easier to know where electrical and plumbing is in the wall to make sure the medicine cabinet location wont interfere.

We prefer this option because being set into the wall means it isn’t taking up space in the room or potentially blocking out light from the vanity fixture or other overhead lighting.

Some Of My Favorite Recessed Bathroom Medicine Cabinets With Mirrors:

Surface Mount Bathroom Medicine Cabinets With Mirrors

Surface mounted bathroom medicine cabinets with mirrors are similar to a traditional wall cabinet with how they are installed on the wall.

The cabinet can be fastened at any location and height that is desired, assuming the wall anchors can go into the wall without damaging anything inside. The depth and width of surface mount medicine cabinets and the actual storage space inside can vary more than recessed medicine cabinets, as they don’t have to fit into a set space in the wall.

The Benefits & When To Use Surface Mount Bathroom Medicine Cabinets With Mirrors

There are quite a lot of benefits to surface mount bathroom medicine cabinets with mirrors!

The first one that comes to mind is that they are easier to install for the average homeowner or DIYer. They can be installed and removed easily as well, for those who are renting or just don’t want to have to cut into their walls.

Being surface mounted also means that the cabinet storage is not limited to just the space between the studs in the wall - there are a wide variety of sizes and shapes that offer significantly more interior storage space than recessed medicine cabinets.

Some Of My Favorite Surface Mount Bathroom Medicine Cabinets With Mirrors:


Medicine cabinets don’t have to be bulky and ugly! If you need to find ways to add extra storage to your small space, I hope you’ll consider bathroom medicine cabinets with mirrors. They can be a simple way to add lots of function to your space. With the beautiful options above, you will also add something special to the overall design of the room.

Now I want to hear from you - Are you considering adding a mirrored medicine cabinet to your bathroom? What is the biggest benefit you see to having a medicine cabinet? Tell me about it in the comments below!