Beautiful Banquette Seating Ideas For Your Kitchen And Dining Room

Beautiful Banquette Seating Ideas For Your Kitchen And Dining Room

You may have noticed that banquette seating is a popular kitchen and dining room trend right now and all I can say is - I am loving it!

If you have been following me for awhile, you may have already read my Pros and Cons of Banquette Seating.

The way I see it, there’s no question that people are embracing the pros of banquette seating as we see more and more people are incorporating it in their homes.

So many companies have taken the many positive qualities that people have loved about having banquette seating in their homes for hundreds of years, and have made it cost effective and practical for the way we live today.

With all the banquette seating options out there, you’re no longer confined to the idea of paying thousands of dollars for a custom built-in banquette.

You can find all kinds of design styles in varying price points to give you the look you’re dreaming about.

Beautiful Banquette Seating Ideas For Your Kitchen And Dining Room

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Whether you prefer an upholstered or wood banquette; you can’t go wrong with the classic and practical design of banquette seating.

There are so many beautitful options for styles!

Everything from curved banquette seating, corner banquette seating sets, formal dining room banquette seating sets, informal kitchen island banquettes and more.

What Is Banquette Seating?

Banquette seating uses a single piece of furniture, such as a bench seat, in the place of individual chairs.

This is useful in tight spaces like a breakfast nook where there isn’t room for chairs to be pulled out.

A banquette bench can be placed in a single fixed position, such as against a wall, and people can slide into the seating area and it removes the need for space to walk all the way around the table.

Of course, banquette seating does not have to be placed against a wall.

It can also be used at a dining room table or at a kitchen island. In some circumstances, having a single banquette bench can actually offer more flexibility with the seating than individual chairs.

Banquette Seating For A Kitchen Breakfast Nook

A breakfast nook is one of the most classic ways people take advantage of banquette seating in their home. With limited space, using bench seating against a wall is practical and allows more seating area without cutting into walkway space. It is cozy and functional.

Banquette Seating For A Dining Room

If you have limited dining room square footage, using banquette seating along one wall can often allow more table and walkway space. If space isn’t your concern, then having the table away from the wall with bench seating on one or two sides can be a great style choice and add interest to the room. I can allow for flexible seating for people both big and small while adding to the overall appeal of your dining room.

Banquette Seating With Storage

If you’re choosing banquette seating to maximize a small space, then banquette seating with storage is just what you have been looking for! Hidden storage in the benches allows the space to look great but serve dual purposes. It is a great place to store decor items, like placemats, napkin ring holders, or other seasonal tablewares. The storage can also serve as a place fir extra kitchen items that don’t get used often. Either way, one thing that can help us in two ways is something we all love to have in our homes!

Bench Seating For A Kitchen Island Breakfast Bar

If you’re looking for a way to have more creative and cozy seating at your kitchen island breakfast bar, swapping out your bar stools for benches can be a great option. Benches at the breakfast bar are a unique way to add additional seating as there is more flexibility in how the bench is used - whether it be one person or three. If you decide you want to try out bench seating, you’ll want to pay attention to the height of your breakfast bar. Counter height benches are going to be your best bet if your countertop overhang is the same height as the rest of your kitchen cabinets. If the countertop overhang is stepped up taller than the rest of your kitchen cabinets, you will probably want to look for a bar height bench.


With so many beautiful options in banquette seating for the kitchen and dining room, it isn’t hard to find the perfect fit for your home. I hope you felt inspired to add this functional and attractive design to your own kitchen island, breakfast nook, or dining room.

Now I want to hear from you - What do you love most about banquette seating? Where would you use it in your own home? Tell me about it in the comments below!