How to Design an Organized Mudroom

How to Design an Organized Mudroom

Could a more organized mudroom mean a happier life? We sure think so!

When considering remodeling or building a new home, a mudroom is a must-have for a modern family.

Unlike the entryway, where function and style are equally important, in a mudroom function is king.

Mudrooms are where we enter and leave our homes the majority of the time.

Having a space that offers functional features can make life easier whether you have one or ten (or more!) people in your home.

How to design and organized mudroom

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Having an organized mudroom can make a big difference for a variety of reasons.

If you’re running late, having things easily organized and ready to go will reduce stress and anxiety.

It is also a great place for kids to store their backpacks and school items which will help them be more prepared for their day.

Keeping related outdoor items (boots, jackets, gloves, etc) in the mudroom instead of other areas of the home will free up closet space and make sure that dirt, sand, and salt don’t get tracked throughout the home.

When building new or remodeling your home, you may wonder how much space to dedicate to the mudroom and how to most effectively use that space.

Luckily, knowing what to include doesn’t have to be complicated!

Even if you don’t have a separate room available for a mudroom, there are still attractive ways to incorporate mudroom storage benefits into a shared space or hallway.

Below we discuss the three important elements for a functional and organized space.

1. A Functional Mudroom Must Be Easy to Clean

In my opinion, having a space that is easy to clean is the most important element of a functional mudroom. Selecting flooring that is water resistant and can be cleaned regularly will make life easier! Keeping that in mind, good flooring options could include:

  • Tile

  • Sheet Vinyl

  • Luxury Vinyl Tile

  • Sealed Concrete

The type of flooring may depend on your budget, climate and style preferences. In Minnesota, we have lots of snow, mud, dirt, and other messes that get on our shoes and eventually into our homes. An easy to clean floor makes dealing with the variety of messes a little bit easier.

In addition to flooring, many people like to have built-in benches, cabinets, and lockers. If you plan to have those in your home, enameled woodwork is a must-have. Enamel paints are harder and more durable, which is especially important in areas that will need regular cleaning. Even bright white enameled trim can stay looking great by keeping it wiped down on a regular basis.

2. A Mudroom Must Have Somewhere to Sit

This can be a freestanding bench, built-in bench, a chair, or whatever you prefer. This is important for having a place to set things when coming and going and is helpful when taking shoes on and off. Especially for kids and older people, a place to sit is an absolute necessity.

Locker style storage with hooks and an incorporated bench seat are extremely popular for their look and functionality, although the layout of your space will most likely dictate the type of seating you select for your mudroom.

If you have an enclosed space, a wall to wall bench seat with lockers may be a practical option, whereas if you have one wall open to another area of your home or in a hallway a bench or chair could be your best bet.

3. A Mudroom Must Have Lots of Useful Storage

Useful storage can look like many different things and will depend on the amount of space you have available. Ultimately it is nice to have a few different storage options within the designated area. An ideal mudroom would be a space that has hooks, bins or baskets, a closet or cabinetry, and wall file or bulletin board.

  • Hooks - hooks are important because they offer an easily accessible place to put coats, purses, backpacks, umbrellas, keys, dog leashes or other items that are used regularly. Hooks take up minimal space but allow each individual to have their own dedicated place to hang their things and stay organized when on the go.

  • Bins or Baskets - Easy to clean plastic, metal, or fabric bins or baskets are important for each family member as well. These can be stored above or below a bench or lockers and will hold dry hats, mittens, scarves, etc. There could also be a bin dedicated specifically to pet leashes, treats, clean-up baggies, or other necessary items.

  • Closet or cabinetry - A built-in closet or cabinetry with doors is useful for out-of-season storage of hats, coats, shoes, or boots. This is also a good place for current outerwear that isn’t used on a daily basis. Ideally, this closet could also have a place for a broom and paper towels to have them handy when needed for quick cleanups.

  • Wall file or bulletin board - Walls files and/or a bulletin board is a great place to place homework that needs to be turned in, papers that need to be signed, shopping lists, bills to be paid, notices for events or other things that need to be followed up on. Each person could have their own file space for paperwork or it could be organized by day of the week, bills, homework, or really any system that makes sense to you.

Other Useful Mudroom Features

Of course there are other awesome organization extras to optimize the use of your mudroom, depending on what makes the most sense for you and your household. Some examples would be:

  • Charging Station - A charging station for devices is important in our modern world. An organized space that can charge phones, fitness watches, iPads, and other electronics. It also ensures you don’t miss seeing them on your way out the door. There are options that can be mounted on walls, be in drawers, or sit on a countertop. 

  • Shoe Rack and Drying Area - If you live somewhere with really wet or mucky weather, having a place to set shoes and dry them before the next use could be perfect for you. A shoe mat or rack will be your new best friend and help reduce cleanup. Another great option would be the shoe dryer below. It is extremely popular for it’s features of being quiet and drying wet shoes or boots in time for the next day.

  • Drying Rack for Hats, Mittens, Etc. - A place for wet mittens, hats, and other accessory items is also nice in wet climates. A drying rack for mittens, hats and other accessories like the one below is a simple and functional item to give your items a place to dry before being put away. The mitten and garment dryer show below can handle four items simultaneously and can dry most items within 1-2 hours so they will be ready to go when you are.

  • Laundry and Laundry Tub - For many households, moving the laundry to the main level from the basement can improve the ease of using their space. Adding a laundry room and potentially a laundry tub is functional for those who might be planning to age in place or others who cannot easily go up and down stairs. Adding a place for sorting dirty clothing, and additional storage, shelving, or cabinetry is important when adding laundry to the mudroom in order to have a place for detergent and other laundry cleaning items.

  • Pet Washes, Kennels, and Litter Box Storage - Pets are part of the family so it makes sense that for many people adding a pet wash, pet storage spaces and kennels are important. Dedicated pet washes, built-in kennels, and litter box areas offer functionality and help to keep the rest of the home clean which fits right in with the goals of mudroom organization.


Functional mudrooms are well organized with many forms of storage for the variety of activities your household engages in on a regular basis. Having a place to sit is important to make sure all ages can easily put on and take off their shoes. Easy to clean flooring and built-in cabinetry are also very important for maintaining the space that you invested so much time in creating!

We hope you have been inspired to create your own organized mudroom with our design tips. Have questions or do you want to share your own favorite mudroom tip? Drop us a line below!