Create the Perfect Entryway for Under $350

Create the Perfect Entryway for Under $350

The entryway of our home is an area we seem to often overlook.

We go through it multiple times a day, heading out in the world to live our lives, welcoming guests into our home to celebrate holidays, and lots of running in and out with pets.

It may be one of the most used, yet under appreciated areas, in the entire house. 

Luckily, a few small tweaks to the design in that space can make a world of difference! 

My formula for the perfect entryway, no matter the size, is the following:

Console Table + Lamp + Tray + Bench + Coat Hooks + Mirror 

When coming up with the formula I thought of things that are important for the style and the function of the space. 

Whether or not you actually enter your home from your entryway on a daily basis, it is important to put some thought into it.

We all know how important a first impression is, and the entryway is the first area that welcomes others into your home.

Having a well designed space allows space for guests to be put an ease: to take off their shoes, set down their things, and feel comfortable as soon as they arrive.

If your front door is how you enter and leave your home everyday, then a little more organization can help to set the tone for the day ahead, save you time and energy, and greet you with a warm feeling at the end of a long or stressful day. 

Learn how to create the perfect entryway for under $350!

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  • Console Table

Console tables are designed to be narrower to fit close to a wall, which is perfect for an entryway.

The table is an anchor for the space and offers an area for you and your guests to set their things when they enter or while they remove or put on their shoes.

It's great if there are drawers or other storage areas within the console table, but not necessarily a requirement if there are other spaces with storage in the entryway. 

  • Lamp

Entryways are not necessarily known for their light. Adding a lamp offers style and soft secondary lighting. It does not have to be particularly large or fancy, but it should have a strong enough bulb to be used on it's own if necessary. 

  • Tray

Having a tray or catchall is all about function for your space.

It offers a place to set mail that needs to go out, keys, a to-do list or other small items.

It is a way to add style and an easy way to stay organized.

I personally like that a tray contains the mess and limits how much can be piled on the console table, as flat surfaces can tend to accumulate items in our homes. 

  • Bench

A bench, small chair, stool or similar place to sit in a must-have in any entryway.

It is especially nice if it can be stored under the console table if there is limited space.

You can also find many benches with hidden storage that is useful for out-of-season or small items like gloves and hats. 

  • Hooks

Even if you have a small entryway coat closet, I still recommend at least a few hooks. 

Hooks are useful for coats, dog leashes, umbrellas, and other small items that you may want to have easily accessible.

I also love the many stylish hooks that add flair to the space! 

  • Mirror

I prefer a mirror in an entryway for a few reasons. 

First, it is nice to be able to look in the mirror to check makeup and hair when coming and going from the house.

Second, entryways are often smaller, enclosed spaces. Adding a mirror makes it look bigger and brighter!

With the variety of mirrors available at great prices, they pack a big style punch to the space as well. 

Designing Your Own Entryway on a Budget

Below I created some groupings of entryways in a variety of styles.

I hope they inspire and encourage you to know that even on a small budget you can create a great looking and functional entryway!

For the purposes of this article, I stuck with a budget of $350 for all the items included in my formula. You can see the item and it's price listed in the formula below each grouping, along with the total for all the items shown at the end. 

Depending on the specific set I may have chosen a stool over a bench, or a catchall over a tray. I encourage you to do the same. A lot of those decisions will depend on your particular space and taste. 

Before you start ordering, make sure to measure your entryway.

As a rule of thumb, I suggest leaving at least 3 feet or 36 inches of space to walk.

Most entry doors are 36" wide which will mean you need to keep the console table and bench narrow enough that you can open the door all the way.

Once you have the measurements in hand, I suggest starting with the console table first, then using the measurements of the table to consider the sizes of the other items you select.

Modern Entryway

modern entryway interior design for under $350

Console Table ($62.07) + Lamp ($79.99) + Tray ($24.99) + Bench ($34.99) + Hooks ($35.99) + Mirror ($80.00) = $318.03 Total

Farmhouse Entryway

farmhouse entryway interior design for under $350

Console Table ($103.59) + Lamp ($63.61) + Tray ($22.52) + Bench ($89.99) + Hooks ($14.99) + Mirror ($45.28) = $339.98 Total

Glam Entryway

Glam style entryway interior design for under $350

Console Table ($88.00) + Lamp ($69.99) + Tray ($29.99) + Bench ($73.23) + Hooks ($18.99) + Mirror ($55.99) = $336.16 Total

Industrial Entryway

industrial entryway interior design for under $350

Console Table ($79.99) + Lamp ($38.22) + Tray ($39.99) + Stool ($63.99) + Hooks ($7.95) + Mirror ($84.95) = $315.09 Total 

Bohemian Entryway

Bohemian Style entryway interior design for under $350

Console Table ($98.49) + Lamp ($18.86) + Tray ($9.99) + Bench ($59.24) + Hooks ($17.79) + Mirror ($72.28) = $276.65 Total

Mid-Century Modern Entryway

midcentury entryway interior design for under $350

Console Table ($98.50) + Lamp ($14.95) + Tray ($34.99) + Bench ($59.30) + Hooks ($42.99) + Mirror ($96.68) = $349.41 Total

Transitional Entryway

transitional entryway interior design for under $350

Console Table ($94.79) + Lamp ($37.74) + Tray ($19.99) + Bench ($79.99) + Hooks ($12.99) + Mirror ($59.99) = $305.49 Total

Ideas for Extras To Decorate Your Entryway

Looking for more great ideas of beautiful items to add to your entryway design? If you have the space, there are loads of great options to add to the space.

Here are just a few of my favorites: 



I hope you feel inspired that no matter your budget, a beautiful entryway is attainable!

It is a space you will use and enjoy every single day.

It will welcome you and your guests into your home and help you feel more relaxed and maybe even a little more organized! 

If you found some beautiful options for your own space or if you have questions about designing your own entryway, we want to hear about it!

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