Get This Unique Gift for Anyone on Your List

Get This Unique Gift For Anyone On Your List

Stumped on what to give someone?

We can relate! If you have been racking your brain trying to think of something unique yet practical, we may have the solution for you.

As the holidays approach, we absolutely feel the pressure of all the gifts we need to buy for family, friends, clients and business associates. With this in mind, we are often searching for gift ideas that can be given to a wide variety of people.

Believe it or not, there is a item that everyone can use (and hopefully love!), no matter their age or taste preferences.

Can you guess what it is?

Drumroll please…

Get This Unique Gift for Anyone on Your List

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Now hear me out - Trays are a fantastic design accessory because they can be used for endless purposes, they are relatively low commitment cost-wise and easy to change as trends or tastes change.

In addition, trays come in a wide variety of styles and functions for the home, office, bathroom, entryway, bar and more.

The beauty of the variety is that ANYONE from your best friend to your nephew, to your boss will appreciate this functional gift for a housewarming, anniversary, birthday, hostess or holiday gift.

To prove it to you, lets go down the list of some of our favorite tray ideas for each person on your list.

For Mom:

Need a gift for the mom that has everything? A new tray will be a welcomed gift for Mom to show off to her friends when they come over.

We like traditional styles with an updated twist for as it can be a great addition to her collection when paired with her family heirlooms on display for family holidays.

If a fun pattern seems more like her taste, consider her favorite decor colors and pick something that is out of the box to bring a smile to her face.

For Dad:

When we think of Dad, we think of keeping it functional, classic and simple.

A tray to keep his most important possessions organized will be a well received gift. Another bonus is, he will think of you daily when using it!

If Dad appreciates craftsmanship then a beautiful wood tray could be a great choice for him.

He can use it for mail or other paperwork to keep organized, or display it in an office or man cave.

For Kids:

Depending on the age of the kids on your list, you might be wondering what to get them that they don’t already have. Trays can be a great option!

Kids’ trays come in a variety of options from creative food trays to make mealtimes fun to art trays to keep them organized when at play. They are some of the most fun and creative trays you will find!

For Your Best Friend:

Buying gifts for a friend is always fun! Your best friend will love featuring her new trendy tray on her Instagram feed for her followers to appreciate.

Whether she loves shabby chic, modern, traditional, or has a style all her own, trays come in endless fun and funky options so you can find the perfect piece that will showcase her unique style.

For Your Boss:

Navigating the workplace can be complicated so when you are going to give a gift to your boss you want to know it will be well-received.

Choosing a classic and simple tray is a practical and professional gift. It can be used for a variety of purposes in the office or at home and when chosen well, will never go out of style.

For Your Significant Other:

Whether you’re buying for a girlfriend or boyfriend, or you’re buying for your husband or wife, buying the right gift can be tricky. Especially when you live together because often when buying for your significant other, you are also buying something for yourself.

Keeping that in mind, why not take advantage of that and buy trays that are beneficial to both of you - we mean that in the best way, of course.

If your significant other often works on their computer in bed or on the couch, a tray for them to set their computer and store pens or paper might be a thoughtful and practical gift.

An added bonus of that same tray is that it can serve for the perfect way to present breakfast in bed!

If you notice that the remotes seem to disappear into the couch or you want a more sturdy place to set drinks, a tray for your ottoman could be a functional present for your sweetie.

Without a doubt, a pretty way to organize perfume or cologne, makeup, and jewelry is always a pleasant gift!

Are you sent looking for keys, mail or other misplaced items? Then an attractive catchall might be the right gift for both of you.

For Your Sister:

When we need to buy gifts we can often be reminded that just because we share half of our DNA with someone, doesn’t mean we will have the same taste. Luckily, a pretty and practical tray is a great gift for a sister who loves to be organized.

A tray offers the perfect place for serving wine and cheese to her friends while watching “The Bachelor”, after-school snacks for the kids, magazines she plans to read, or anything else her heart desires!

For Your Brother:

If you feel like you have been buying your brother the same gift for the last 10 years, it might be time to consider another option.

Trays can be great for anyone from the gamer to a sports enthusiast. Consider a tray featuring his favorite sports team that he can use for chip and dip or even a catchall. A felt tray for dice games might be right up his alley for him to use when he has a “guys night”.

These options outside of traditional decorative trays offer practical gifts for those who don’t generally look to accessorize their spaces.

For Aunts and Uncles:

Extended family, especially when you only see them at holidays, can tend to be tricky to buy gifts for. In these instances, going with a functional and thoughtful gift works well.

Simple trays can be a good option for family you don’t know well as they offer an attractive but non-specific design that could fit any home.

A multipurpose tray could be a great gift idea as it is unlikely they will already own one. In addition, if you don’t know them very well, it is a nice solution because it can be used for a whatever is most practical for their lifestyle.

If giving the gift during a holiday, choosing a unique seasonal design is a fun idea as they can use it for holidays year after year. Going outside the box can also be a great way to bring a smile to their face!

For Cousins:

Everyone wants to feel like they spent their money on gifts that will be appreciated and used by the recipient. Whether your cousins are like siblings to you or you rarely see them, it can sometimes take some extra thought to find the right gift.

Choosing a tray that has a unique style and personality can be a way to give a gift that will be remembered.

If you want to give a gift that gets a lot of use, a simple acrylic tray can be a classic staple in a home as it has a bunch of ways to be used everyday.

There are also more specific trays for those who like to entertain, barbecue or tailgate that take the balance out of carrying a plate and a drink since it can be held with one hand. These can be a fun, practical and memorable gift!


If there is one gift that can be appreciated by anyone on your list while still being unique to them, it is a tray. The variety of styles and functions means that you can find the perfect fit for everyone from your cousins to your mom and beyond. Avoid giving the same old generic gifts again this year by choosing trays for those hard to buy for friends and family members!

Have you given or received trays as a gift? Share your favorites with us below!