3 Easy Ways to Make Your Bedroom Winter Ready

3 Easy Ways to Make Your Bedroom Winter Ready

Fall is here and the leaves are changing, the air is cooler and the days are getting shorter.

As winter quickly approaches, we start spending more time indoors and preparing for the holiday season ahead.

Especially here in Minnesota, we know all about cold winters and with winter quickly coming, finding comfort in our homes becomes priority #1!

3 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Winter Ready

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Your bedroom is where you start and end your day, it gives you a place to recharge and recuperate from the hectic parts of life.

It is an important space for so many reasons!

Having a comfortable bedroom not looks great, but can improves your night of sleep, and if done properly can also help to improve your health and well-being during the colder months.

Below are three ways you can get your bedroom ready for winter and maybe even make it your favorite room of the house!

1. Get Cozy

  • Layer your bedding - Colder weather means having more layers of bedding to stay warm during the cold nights. Select sheets that are warm and breathable fabrics, layer with light blankets or quilts, and lastly have a heavier blanket or comforter ready in case you feel a deep chill. Heated blankets and mattress pads can also be a great option for people who want lots of extra warmth. Don’t forget that color matters! Go seasonal with rich colors and soft luxurious fabrics. Add other decor like throw pillows for more festive touches.

  • Insulating window treatments - Consider a heavier curtain for added insulation from drafts through windows. Especially in older homes, having a little extra insulation can make a big difference. A luxurious looking fabric can also be festive and add more coziness to the room.

  • Consider adding new rugs - We know it is hard enough to get out of a warm bed on a cold winter morning without having to get a chill from the floor. Adding cozy rugs can make a big difference to insulate your tootsies from the chill of stepping out of bed onto a cold floor. I have hard flooring in my bedroom, so I love to have runners on either side of the bed to greet my feet on my way out from under the covers each morning.

2. Stay Healthy

  • Keep moisture in the air - A humidifier is really important in cold and dry winter months. With the weather changes, dry air can feel like it pulls the moisture of your skin and cause cracks to mucus membranes that could make you more susceptible to getting colds. Using a humidifier while you sleep can help to prevent colds by adding moisture to the air.

  • Get a diffuser - In all honesty, reed diffusers and essential oil diffusers could be great for any time of year. In the winter with less fresh air moving through a home, a reed diffuser can add seasonal scents to your space to add to a cozy atmosphere. Some people believe using essential oils in a diffuser can help to boost the immune system to potentially prevent colds as well as relieve cold symptoms. Please remember: It is important to consider allergies and consult your doctor before using any essential oils, as some may be too potent for certain individuals.

  • Purify the air - Cold weather means most of us aren’t opening our windows to air out the house. This means that dust and other allergens may linger for longer than other times of year. Using an air purifier each night can help to reduce dust and allergens while you sleep. In addition to having an air purifier, we recommend moving plants to other areas of the home. The reason we suggest avoiding plants in the bedroom is because they can have mold and other allergens that could aggravate breathing issues.

3. Brighten Up

  • Layer lighting - Longer nights mean going to bed and waking up in the dark. Adding more layers of lighting for darker days can add ambiance and potentially boost your mood. One easy way to add additional light would be to add a small lamp to a dresser or other surface. Other creative ways would be luminary LED candles that add the soft look of candles without the worries of real flames. One of the most fun ways to add a layer of light is with fairy lighting or string lights. They are festive and beautiful for the time of year!


These small changes can make a big difference in the feel of the bedroom.

Warmer bedding, flooring and window choices can make it cozy all day and night long.

Keeping the air clean, smelling great, and full of moisture can help to keep you healthier and feeling great.

Great lighting will help banish those winter blues by adding ambiance and help compensate for the darker days.

Our hope is that using these three easy ways to add cozy and comforting touches to your bedroom could improve your mood all winter!

Have you made changes to your bedroom for the winter? What are some of your favorite ways to add cozy touches? Tell us about it below!