How To Get Your Spring Cleaning Done Without Lifting A Finger

How To Get Your Spring Cleaning Done Without Lifting A Finger

Agree or disagree: spring cleaning and deep cleaning are necessary evils to maintain a happy home.

Just think about it… As spring comes, so do graduation parties, summer cookouts, and lots of entertaining. For some people it can also mean a time to find a new home and getting their home ready to list for sale. There are so many reasons why keeping up with cleaning is so important and at times the cleaning checklist can feel like it’s never-ending.

How To Get Your Spring Cleaning Done Without Lifting A Finger

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I am not going to lie to you. I don’t love cleaning, and I don’t think I, or anyone else who feels similarly, should feel guilty about it!

I do want to be clear that I am not saying I don’t love to have a clean home, because of course I do! I think we all like to come home to a place that is comfortable, welcoming, and free from a mess.

I believe that is why all over the internet you can find websites offering cleaning ideas, checklists, and ways to try to help you plan all your necessary cleaning tasks.

Don’t worry, that’s not what I am here to tell you today. Here’s why:

Recently Ryan and I were discussing just how much of our day is taken up with cleaning our construction sites. Let’s just say, what we landed on was not a small amount of time. Construction can be a very messy business!

If you’re as busy as we are, after a long day the last thing you want to do is start deep cleaning every corner of your home.

That means all that necessary cleaning either doesn’t get done, or it get’s done at the expense of your free time and energy. There has to be an better way to tackle the job of deep cleaning without having added stress and less free time… right?

Yes friends, there is!

I am going to let you in on my secret. I was so thankful to find my new favorite way to get my deep cleaning done on any property, at any time, for any reason. I know you will be too.

The best part is:

You don’t have to do the cleaning!

It does'n’t get any better than that. Now, I know you’re wondering…

How Do I Get A Clean House Without Lifting A Finger?

This isn’t magic. It is simply:

Amazon Home Services.

As someone who is admittedly a big fan of all things Amazon, I cannot even tell you how happy I was to find out Amazon offered cleaning services!

Get this, they have professional cleaning services available from pros that are background checked, insured, and licensed (if applicable).

I know I can be really particular about who I let onto my properties. That said, I already have to do a lot of vetting every day and I loved that Amazon does that process for me with their pros. It takes one more thing off my (already very full) plate!

What Cleaning Services Do They Offer?

If you need it cleaned, they probably have a pro to help you!

Here are just some of the services they offer:

On top of that, you can even keep it clean on a regular basis with their Home Cleaning Service Plans! 

How Does It Work?

You gotta love Amazon. It makes things so easy!

Here’s how you get started with their cleaning services:

Click here: Amazon Home Services

  1. Select the service you are interested in, answer a few questions about what you’re looking for, and click “Book Appointment”.

  2. You’ll then be able to choose three times you prefer your appointment to happen.

  3. Once you have your preferred times locked in, you’ll pay for the service and you’re ready to go!


I hope you walk away from this article knowing this: I want you to live a life with the best of everything and the least amount of stress.

That is why I say, if cleaning doesn’t make you happy - but a clean home does - hire a vetted pro who can clean it for you.

Whether you’re planning a graduation party, summer get-together, are getting your home ready to sell, or if you just want to keep it looking it’s best all the time, Amazon Home Services might have the perfect solution for you!

Do you love or hate deep cleaning and spring cleaning? Have you tried Amazon Home Services for home cleaning or are you considering it? I want to hear from you!