The Best Vessel Sinks With Overflow For Your Bathroom

Our List Of the Best Vessel Sinks With Overflow: Oval, Round, square, Rectangular, big and small!

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Why Choose A Vessel Sink With Overflow?

Sinks with overflow allow there to be an extra line of protection in case a sink drain is clogged and water is left running.

It also offers additional venting and air flow which serves the purpose of creating suction so water can flow more quickly down the drain.

For instance, if you take a water bottle and tip it upside down, the water can only drain so quickly. If you were turn that same bottle upside down and poke a hole in it, the water would drain much more quickly.

Interestedly enough, because of the design, the majority of vessel sinks do not include an overflow feature.

Although it isn’t necessary to have overflow to have a well-functioning sink, it can be a useful safety feature to have included.

Selecting a vessel sink with overflow also gives you the most options for drains as either a grid or pop up drain can be a safe and practical choice.

Square And Rectangular Vessel Sinks With Overflow

Round And Oval Vessel Sinks With Overflow

Picking The Right Drain For A Vessel Sink With Overflow

With a vessel sink with overflow, you can choose freely between a grid drain and a pop up drain.

The difference between a grid drain and a pop up drain is the ability to plug the drain. Pop up drains can be closed to allow the sink to fill with water. Grid drains are always open and cannot be closed to fill the sink.

Either way, you’ll have to ensure you select a drain with the overflow feature.

Essentially the drain has a secondary hole that allows the water from the overflow to go down the drain. In the case of a pop up drain, that means the water can drain even when the drain itself is closed.

Please keep in mind: If you chose a vessel sink without overflow, you would have to consider that a pop up drain would be a risky choice. That’s because if the pop up drain were closed, and the water left running, the sink could overflow and damage your home.