Want to Increase Your Home's Value? Start with the Bathroom.

If you are considering listing your home for sale in the near future you may be wondering what is worth spending money on and what to leave. With a return of as much as 85%, refreshing your bathroom could set your home apart from the competition. Bathrooms get a lot of use which causes wear and tear over time. Making sure to update this space will take it from tired to light and bright.  


  • If your vanity is in good condition but could use some updating consider refinishing and staining it or paint. A light paint color can make a small space seem bigger and brighter.  
  • Change out the nobs to something more contemporary.

  • Updating your vanity top to a granite or marble is a relatively inexpensive fix but can add a feeling of luxury to any bathroom.

  • Undermount sinks are what buyers are looking for and updating faucets can make a huge difference in the overall appearance. 


  • Damaged, dirty, or cracked flooring can be unappealing to potential homeowners.Updating old vinyl flooring to tile will make the bathroom more updated and appealing.  At the very least, clean up the flooring well and make sure to scrub any grout lines to remove residual grime.


  • Make sure lights are clean and bulbs are changed.
  • Wall scones can offer soft lighting in a bathroom and replacing light fixtures can make a big difference in the overall look of the room. 


  • Clean and refinish old tubs to make them look like new. There are companies that can do this for you or you can buy refinishing kits and do it yourself. 
  • Clean the tile surround and grout lines.

  • If the tile is in good shape but needs to be freshened up you can regrout it for a new look. 

  • Don't forget the plumbing fixtures! Changing the shower head and trim kits can change the look tremendously. 


  • A light, neutral paint color, such as a cream, beige or gray will lighten up the bathroom and allow the attention to be on the other updates in the room.  Light colors can actually allow the space to feel larger and everyone can appreciate a spacious bathroom! 

Keep in mind that selections should match the overall look of the home to help the space feel cohesive. Also, selecting something classic will benefit you the most as a wide variety of people could appreciate the style. In todays competitive market these small changes can make a huge difference to improve the overall look and appeal of your home.