How to Create a Luxury Bathroom on a Budget

When working on a recent remodel we encountered a problem that many of our clients face. We had to create a whole new bathroom with a small budget but wanted to make sure it still had a high-end, luxury look. Below is a picture of the bathroom we created and here are some tricks we used to get the most out of our budget while creating a beautiful space:


  • Go Big- We love the look of marble but the price isn't always budget friendly. These large format marble-look porcelain tiles are a great price and often easier (thus less expensive) to install. These tiles make the shower look HUGE and keep the room light and bright. 
  • Mix Materials- the shower floor and niche are a great way to incorporate a more expensive mosaic tile. In this bathroom we used a herringbone marble mosaic. It brings color and texture to the shower but because the space where it is used is small the cost is also small. 
  • Keep it Simple- Pick a simple color palette and classic shapes for the more permanent items like the tile, vanity, and vanity top. You want the look to stand the test of time to save money long-term. 
  • Contrasting colors- If you want a high impact look, go for bold! In this space the dark floor tile allows the room to feel grounded and makes the space look and feel much higher end. If you're not feeling brave enough to go with a contrasting tile then consider a pop of color with your paint. It is easy and cost effective to change for those cautious of too much commitment.
  • Remember Remnants- Your bathroom will get a lot of use and a lot of cleaning, especially the countertop. Keep in mind the importance of using durable materials while also going for that high-end look. We prefer to use quartz remnants for our vanities because it is durable, comes in a wide array of colors and styles, and can actually be quite affordable. The easiest way to get that afforable vanity top is to ask for a remnant. Often countertop installers will have smaller leftover pieces from other projects and will sell them to you at a discounted rate. This is a great way to get that beautiful countertop you have been wanting without the high price tag.

What other tricks have you used to stick within your budget during a remodel? We want to hear from you!