The Most Common Ceiling Textures Explained

One of the most common things that will be changed in our remodels, no matter what area of the home, is the ceiling texture. Choosing the right one for you may be based on your taste, budget, or other factors. 



Popcorn is the most common ceiling we see, also known as "cottage cheese" to some. This texture seems to be the most detested of homeowners we meet with on a regular basis. There are some benefits of popcorn ceilings: they are the most cost effective and they do not require painting. 


Knockdown texture will vary based on the style of the person doing it, but essentially the ceiling is sprayed with drywall mud and then set to dry for 20-30 minutes before it is knocked down with a trowel. This is slightly more expensive than popcorn because of the extra labor involved. Usually it requires painting to give it an even look. This can also add additional cost.


Smooth ceilings seem to be a favorite of many people. It is the most expensive option because it requires more labor ensure the ceiling has perfectly smooth seams like you would expect for walls. The ceiling will also need to be primed and painted in order to provide a consistent look. 


Do you have strong opinions about your ceiling texture?  We want to hear about it!