How Permits and Inspections Protect You

How Permits and Inspections Protect You



Sometimes permits and inspections can seem like more of a hassle than a benefit during your remodel process. In reality, these are a protection to you as the homeowner. Here are some reasons to love permits: 

  • The process of getting permits and inspections protects you from contractors who may not do work correctly or who may cut corners. 

  •  It makes sure everyone involved has a second set of eyes to check the safety of the improvements to your home. This is important to prevent future damage to your property or injury to you.

  •  It is the law. If the city catches work done without a permit it can cost you extra money for repairs and months of further inspections.

  •  It also ensures that your contractor is licensed and background checked.  A contractor must have these things to get permits through the city. 

  • When you sell your home you must list any improvements made to the property. You are responsible for reporting these things honestly. The buyers want to see that the work was permitted and done correctly. 

Keep these in mind and know that doing it right will pay off in the long run!