Remodeling Layout & Floor Plan Consultations

The most important step in a home remodel is the very first one - making a plan!

Do you need help coming up with a plan for your remodel? Are you having a hard time because you can’t seem to visualize what the end result will be? If you feel stuck and unsure how to move forward with your remodeling project because of floor plan or layout questions, we are here to help.

Our layout and floor plan consultations provide one or more possible options for your space. Each possibility is designed by industry professionals with an aim to meet your goals and priorities. In this fast-paced world you need solutions quickly, which is why we designed the process to be completed completely online within just a few days.

Planning ahead can set you on a road for a less stressful and more successful project. As a design-build firm, we are presented with design challenges to overcome for our clients on a daily basis. As a result, one of our favorite parts of each project is the initial planning phase.

By creating a solid plan, we are able to start each process with a foundation rooted in finding the best ways to accomplish the goals of the client. This means we have been able to create unique plans to suit the needs of the individual or family time and time again. We have years of hands-on experience solving problems and helping our clients with creative solutions for their layout predicaments.

We created our layout consultations specifically with YOU in mind. Our focus is on understanding your specific needs and desires and tailoring a layout or floor plan to best serve you. As an online service, the process is streamlined to suit your needs. You can complete the information and return it to us whenever it is convenient in your schedule. Additionally, not having to coordinate a time to meet means we are able to have faster turnaround time in getting the floor plan or layout to you so you can keep moving forward.

Remodeling consultations are ideal for people who:

  • Plan to DIY a remodel project but would like professional help with designing the floor plan/layout of the space.

  • Are considering a remodel but want to get ideas of potential layouts.

  • Might be unsure if it is possible to achieve all their desired goals in their space.

  • Want to have floor plans ready to ensure the desired outcome is clearly communicated with contractors when they are providing estimate pricing.

  • Wonder if they could remodel their current space to meet their needs or if moving to a new home might be a better option.

If any of those sound like you, a layout consultation could be the perfect way to get you started!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Decide on the type of layout consultation you are interested in (single room or multiple room).

  2. Complete the form below to get in touch with us.

  3. We will email you a contract to review and sign, along with an invoice for your requested service.

  4. After purchasing the remodel consultation, you will be emailed a packet of information with instructions for how to complete it.

  5. Once you have been completed the packet and returned to us, we will provide the potential layout/floor plan suggestions to you within three business days.

Single Room Remodel Consultation

Starting Price: $149

  • A suggested floor plan based on your goals and priorities

  • 3D renderings to offer a visual representation of what the finished space could potentially look like

  • Checklists and remodel planning resources to help jumpstart the process

Multiple Room Remodel Consultation

Starting Price: $299

  • A suggested floor plan based on your goals and priorities

  • 3D renderings to offer a visual representation of what the finished space could potentially look like

  • Checklists and remodel planning resources to help jumpstart the process

What our clients are saying:

“When my husband and I were remodeling our basement, we couldn't come up with a real, working floor plan. TruBuild was recommended to us and they did not disappoint! They were right on time, listened to our ideas and what we really wanted in our space. TruBuild provided us with numerous floor plans we hadn't even thought of! The 3D plans helped us to envision the potential we didn't see before. We were very happy with their beautiful design layouts, professionalism and promptness. We would definitely recommend them!” - Crystal S.

Consultation Request Form

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer consultations anywhere in the US?

Yes! We currently offer consultations to clients throughout the United States as the consultation can be completed through email.

How long will it take to receive my plans?

After returning the completed packet to us, we will provide the layout/floor plan suggestions to you within 3 business days.

How many floor plan options do I receive for my consultation?

One floor plan or layout with 3D renderings is included in the base consultation price. More than one layout/floor plan may be requested for an additional fee.

What if I am unsure how to answer to a question in the packet?

Please complete all information in the packet to the best of your knowledge. It is vitally important that the packet be thoroughly completed. Without all the requested information in the packet, it will be difficult for us to provide a layout/floor plan to meet your needs. If you send a partially completed packet, it will be returned to you to be completed prior to a layout/floor plan being created.

I do not feel confident measuring my space, can you help me?

If you are local to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, we are able to measure your space for you for an additional fee. If you live in another location, there are services that are able to measure for you and provide “as-is” floor plans which we could use to create your potential layouts. Contact us if you would like more information about these services.

Can I get my consultation in-person?

Right now we are only able to provide in-person consultations for the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

Do you provide information on the decor items in the 3D renderings or interior design services?

Our 3D renderings are staged to generally correlate with your preferred style as described in the packet we received from you. Showing furniture in the renderings allows there to be a sense of proportion to the space and help you visualize a potential end result. Interior design services are not part of what is included in a layout/floor plan consultation. If you wish to have additional interior design assistance, that can be arranged separately.

How do I pay for my consultation? What type of payments do you accept?

Once you have selected the type of consultation you prefer, you will be emailed an invoice reflecting that price. We currently accept payments by credit card and electronic check.

Can the plans be used to obtain a permit?

No, the plans we provide are concept drawings that are not suitable to be submitted as permit plans.

Do you offer estimated pricing for the project?

Estimated project costs are not included in the consultation. If you are local to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area we would be happy to provide an estimate for your remodeling project, if requested.

Do you offer any guarantees or refunds if I do not like the layout provided?

By purchasing a consultation, you’re purchasing an opportunity to receive our professional ideas or opinions. In order to best express those ideas to you, we guarantee that we will provide a minimum of one layout option with 3D renderings to best accomplish your stated goals from the completed information packet provided to us. If not all stated goals can be met, as is common, our professional opinion for why they could not be met will be included with the provided layout/floor plan. There are no refunds for consultations. The price charged for the consultation cannot be refunded as it covers the time for the layout to be prepared.