The Best Easy-To-Install Fireplace Mantel Kits For Your Home

The Best Easy-To-Install Fireplace Mantel Kits For Your Home

Be honest - do you like your fireplace mantel? Really, if you had any choice in the whole world, would you choose the one you currently have?

If you’re not in love with your mantel and considering a change or if you’re building a new space and adding a fireplace you might be intimidated by all your choices.

Well, I want you to know you don’t have to be!

Fireplace mantel kits are a simple way to get a beautiful quality mantel that can look custom without having to build one or pay the price of a custom mantel.

Here’s some even better news -

According to MantelCraft’s website: “Today, every $1 invested in upgrading a mantel leads to a $1.50 increase in home value – the highest rate of return for any home improvement project.”

That means investing in updating your fireplace mantel is something that can not only improve your enjoyment of your space now, it can also be a great investment for the future!

The Best Easy To Install Fireplace Mantel Kits For Your Home

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What Are Fireplace Mantel Kits?

Fireplace mantel kits are pre-made kits that contain everything you need for your new, updated mantel.

Often they even include mounting hardware to make it simple to install the new mantel without having to have any special tools or skills.

There are fireplace mantel kits for shelf style fireplace mantels as well as surround style fireplace mantels.

In case you’re unsure what the difference is between the two of them, I will briefly explain:

  • Shelf style fireplace mantels are similar to a floating shelf mounted on the wall. They are installed above the fireplace at the recommended or desired height of the homeowner.

  • Fireplace mantel surrounds have a piece that goes across the top and two side pieces, one that comes down on either side of the fireplace. They are generally mounted to have the bottom of the side pieces sit on the floor or a hearth. Usually there is a preset height for the mantel based on the length of the legs.

Below I labeled two separate groups of kits with these different styles so you can see options for either type of fireplace mantel kit and make the best decision for your home!

Material Types For Fireplace Mantel Kits:

1. Stone & Concrete Fireplace Mantel Kits

Cast stone and carved stone can be used to make fireplace mantel kits. The best part about using stone surrounds is that they are not combustible. This makes them a great choice for fireplaces as building code requires non-combustible materials to immediately surround the fireplace to avoid fire and other damage to a home.

2. Wood Fireplace Mantel Kits

Wood is often the most cost-effective option for fireplace surround kits. They can come unfinished, primed and ready to paint, or already painted or stained. Some may also have metal accents or metal brackets. Wood is generally easier to install for just one person and can be lighter to hang on a wall than stone surrounds.

Things To Consider When Choosing Your Fireplace Mantel Kit

  • Make sure to know all your measurements! That means the measurements of the fireplace - if you haven’t selected one yet make sure to do that first. It also means measuring the wall where the fireplace is located and getting the measurement of any existing tile or stone surround, if applicable. These numbers are the most important thing to know before you can start falling in love with a fireplace mantel kit.

  • Due to the heat, there are certain clearances required to protect your home from potential problems that can arise from fireplace mantels not being installed correctly. Check local and national building code and the fireplace manufacturer’s recommendations. The manufacturer will usually have a required height of a mantel above the opening. Generally this number is 12”-18” minimum, but it is important to verify this before purchase or installation, as it can vary.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Shelf Style Fireplace Mantel Kits

72” Industrial Fireplace Mantel Shelf Kit

This industrial style fireplace mantel shelf has distressed wood and black brackets to add style to your home. Installation is simple with just a screw driver and a drill needed to install the included mounting hardware.

60” Unfinished Wood Fireplace Mantel Shelf Kit

This awesome mantel comes with three possible options so you can customize! There is an option for just the shelf, you can add the corbels, and you can also add the arch. Installation is easy with the included hangar board. It comes unfinished, ready to be painted or stained to match your home’s decor.

48”, 60” or 72” Rustic Mantel Kit

This shelf mantel comes in a whole lot of different style options, 9 to be exact! You can also choose between three different sizes for the length of the mantel to meet your needs. Even the corbels are optional! Use the included hangar board for simple installation.

60” or 72” Concrete Fireplace Mantel Kit

If you’re looking for a fireplace mantel shelf that is non-combustible, this is the one for you! With two possible length options, choosing this concrete mantel couldn’t be easier. It even comes with mounting hardware and a hangar board to keep installation as simple as possible.

48”, 60”, or 72” Dark Stain Rustic Mantel Kit

Made in the USA! Choose from three lengths and three stain options for this rustic wood shelf mantel. Comes with mounting hardware to make installation a breeze.

60” or 72” Fireplace Mantel Shelf Kit

This shelf comes in white or a chocolate stain and in two sizes. It has a lovely classic shape that can work well in many different styles and ages of homes. The mounting board is included to make installation easy for anyone.

48”, 60”, or 72” Stained or Unfinished Mantel Shelf Kit

With three sizes and either a pre-stained finish or an unfinished option, this mantel shelf is a great choice for any home. The construction makes it look like a solid piece but it is actually hollow in the back which removes uncessesary weight and allows room for the mantel to be mounted on the included hangar board.

48”, 60” or 72” Black and Silver Ornamental Fireplace Mantel Shelf Kit

If you’re looking for a mantel with craftsmanship that makes a statement, look no further! Beautiful and unique, this fireplace mantel shelf offers a lot of style to your home. There is a hangar board and mounting hardware included to help simplify installation.

60” Transitional Fireplace Mantel Shelf Kit

White or walnut finish options are available for this beautiful fireplace mantel shelf. Hollow back and included mounting hardware make installation a simple process.

48” Contemporary Fireplace Mantel Shelf Kit

This unique fireplace mantel with two finish options does not require any assembly. It even comes with the hangar board to get it installed quickly and easily.

Fireplace Mantel Surround Kits

66” or 72” Fireplace Mantel Surround Kit

This simple but elegant fireplace mantel surround comes in two sizes and two different finish options, either white or unfinished. Simple to install using the including hardware and hangar board!

Adjustable Cast Stone Fireplace Surround, Mantel, And Hearth Kit

Non-combustible, with the option to cut the stone to fit a smaller opening. It comes with everything from the mantel to the surround, and even the three piece hearth. No special equipment is needed for installation and instructions are included to make a two person install easy.

48” or 56” Classic White Fireplace Mantel Surround Kit

A popular style with many of our clients, this classic white fireplace mantel surround has clean lines and pretty details. It comes in three pieces with hardware and hangar board included for easy installation.

Fireplace Mantel Surround And Base Shelf Kit

This contemporary fireplace mantel surround is unique in that it includes a base piece included. It has a classic white finish that looks great in many different styles of homes. With the size it is substantial to move but installation is easy!

48” or 56” Unfinished Arched Fireplace Mantel Surround Kit

The arched and half column design of this fireplace mantel surround makes a strong statement for the centerpiece of your living room. The unfinished wood is ready to be painted or stained to match your home decor. Easy installation with hangar board and mounting hardware included!

Adjustable Cast Stone Fireplace Mantel Surround and Hearth Kit

This non-combustile cast stone fireplace mantel surround with a hearth included has simple instructions for installation and can be adjusted to be made smaller!

50” or 56” Unfinished Fireplace Mantel And Surround Kit

This beautiful fireplace mantel and surround has a classic and beautiful design. It comes unfinished so it is ready for paint or stain to match your home decor. Hangar board and simple nuts and bolts assembly is included to make installation easy.


Updating your fireplace mantel or installing a new fireplace mantel can be easy with these kits! I hope you found a fireplace mantel kit you love or at least feel inspired to start looking for one to update your space. There are countless possibilities out there to make your house a home!

I want to hear from you - which type of mantel do you like better: shelf style fireplace mantels or fireplace mantel surrounds? Why?