Beautiful Ways to Incorporate Coral Into Your Home

Beautiful Ways to Incorporate Coral Into Your Home

Have you heard? The 2019 Pantone Color of the Year is Living Coral!

As soon as I heard the news, we started dreaming about how I might use more coral in our work. If you’re anything like me, you may also be excited to start incorporating this vibrant hue into your own home.

With all the grays and other neutrals that are forever popular in design, coral offers a eye-catching brightness with a warm undertone which seems to bring life and energy to whatever it touches. This beautiful color gives me visions of warm weather and a tropical breeze!

Beautiful Ways To Incorporate Coral Into Your Home

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If I had to describe the color of coral, I would say it is really a mixture of pinks and orange. When pairing it with other colors, I think it looks amazing with blues and greens, but of course purples and yellows can look great too. As with any other color, there are many shades of coral. If you decide to add it to your space, my recommendation is to start with a favorite item, and them work to match all the other pieces to that shade of coral. If you’re wondering how it pairs with different metal finishes, the warm undertone pairs beautifully with gold and brass finishes and I think it can also pair really well with chrome, brushed nickel, and matte black- it really all depends what you like and how it is being used!

While I do love the color, I might be hesitant to run out and grab a bunch of cans to start painting the whole house. With so much personality, touches of coral color can go a long way! Thats why we have created a list of some of our favorite ways to incorporate coral in each and every room of the house - most without using paint at all.

Are you ready? Let’s jump right in!

Coral in the Kitchen

  • Hand Towels - The least commitment kitchen update with a lot of bang for your buck! Hand towels and dish towels are really easy to change out, come in a wide assortment of styles, and make amazing housewarming or hostess gifts!

  • Rug Runners - To add some comfort and coziness to your kitchen, consider adding runners! They are an easy way to bring coral into the space, no matter what colors, patterns, or style you choose.

  • Canisters and other countertop accessories - Consider swapping out your current canisters or other countertop accessories for coral colored ones! They can be a great way to break up the look of a long countertop and are also functional for storage of food, dog treats, and more.

  • Window treatments - If you have a kitchen window, a coral colored roman shade could be a fun way to bring in some more style and update the space.

Coral in the Dining Room

  • Glasses and Silverware - Who doesn’t love fun glassware and cutlery? Selecting items with a touch of a coral can be a great way to bring a space together and jazz your table for meals.

  • Tabletop Accessories - Table runners, candles and candle holders, along with other tabletop accessories are one of the simplest (and most cost effective) ways to tie your table together using this bright and fun coral color.

  • Chairs - If you really love coral, adding some new dining chairs could be a great way to add life to your dining room!

Coral in the Bathroom

  • Walls - In all honesty, the bathroom is probably the only place where I am all about painting the walls coral. I would warn that it is important to consider the shade of coral used, as it could cast a yellow hue on your skin.

  • Vanity - Does your bathroom vanity need a makeover? I LOVE the idea of a coral painted vanity! Grab some milk paint to give that vanity a facelift. I really love the look of coral with some gold or brass accents in the faucet and hardware to bring out the warm tones.

  • Rugs - Bath mats and rugs are a fun way to add coral in a solid or pattern to your bathroom without much commitment.

  • Accessories - Coral color soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and more? Yup! It’s a small but powerful way to add a pop of color.

  • Towels - If you’re adding coral touches in your bathroom, make sure to grab some towels. New towels are a great way to tie a space together.

  • Shower Curtain - Shower curtains are a pretty way to bring color and pattern to your bathroom. They are a simple way to add drama and update a space in just a few minutes.

  • Temporary Wallpaper - I really love the idea of a temporary wallpaper in a powder room! Add pattern and texture to one or more walls without worrying about the removal.

Coral in the Bedroom

  • Lamps - Lamps are a great way to update a space and a little color can be a surprising touch that will make you smile every time you use them!

  • Rugs - A cozy new rug in a vibrant coral could be a simple way to add color and texture to your favorite room.

  • Bedding - Solid or patterned, new bedding is a wonderful way to incorporate coral into your space. It is also simple to change when you’re ready for something new.

  • Window Treatments - Window treatments bring a lot of color and pattern without a lot of effort. They are a perfect way to have a big impact in your bedroom without much commitment.

  • Storage Solutions - Organization can make a room beautiful in more ways than one. Add some color to your closet with new storage bins in a coral color!

Coral in the Entryway

  • Rug - Welcome your guests with a beautiful new rug in a solid or patterned coral color. A great way to introduce guests to your style!

  • Bench or Chair - Every entryway needs somewhere to set things, why not have it be as beautiful as it is functional? A bench or chair in a coral color is a wonderful way to accent your space.

  • Lamp - A stylish coral lamp can pack a visual punch that will lighten up your entryway.

Coral in the Living Room or Family Room

  • Rugs - Bring in life and color with a fun printed coral rug. It offers an opportunity for you to find a rug that showcases other colors you currently have in the room and then ties it all together.

  • Accent Chair - A fun accent chair is a unique way to add lots of style to your living or family room. Find something with a style that complements your existing furniture with updated touches to make sure it will flow together.

  • Throw Blankets and Pillows - If you already have a neutral space and want to add pops of coral, throw blankets and pillows are going to be perfect for your space!

  • Lamp Shades - Easily add some color to your space by replacing your lamp shades. I love it because it’s inexpensive and only takes a few minutes!


2019 has just begun and I cannot wait to see how coral continues to show up in interior design. I am definitely excited to find ways to incorporate touches of coral throughout my own home. Especially with simple and inexpensive items like tabletop accessories, shower curtains, and rugs being on the list of beautiful items that showcase this bright and lively color!

Have you used coral in your home? Or do you plan to start incorporating it? Tell me all about it below - I would love to be inspired by you!