Learn How To DIY!

Do you want to save money on your project but still have the experience and skill of a general contractor on your side? We can help you learn to DIY! 

For a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time contractor we can partner with you to teach you how to complete portions of your project on your own! We will meet with you and show you step-by-step what to do in a way that is easy to understand and at your pace. The skills you will learn can help to save time, money, and future frustration. You will be able to get your project done correctly the first time while also having pride in knowing you contributed to the completion of the work. 

To begin, a contractor will meet with you to discuss your project. At that time they will look at the work to be completed and help you come up with a plan. If both parties agree on a plan of action you can begin meeting to go through the hands-on learning experience. During the teaching session you will be shown the steps to take to complete a portion of your project. After each teaching session you will have homework to complete that portion of the project independently. The contractor will be available to answer questions and check your work along the way. If elements of the project cannot be done without another professional (electrical, plumbing, etc.) the contractor can also be hired to assist to make sure everything is done safely and up to code. 

Price is based on an hourly cost per session and payment is taken at each session for the number of hours worked that day. If you prefer, the sessions can also be paid in advance. This can be explained in more detail when you meet for your free estimate. 

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